“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”
Kevin Durant


It is the mission of Impact Basketball to create and foster an environment, which provides opportunities for all student-athletes to enrich their basketball experience through participation on athletic teams that are competitive at the local and national level. In concert with the mission and values of Impact Basketball, the organization is dedicated to providing opportunities, which will enhance the intellectual, physical, social, moral and cultural development of our players, while conducting all activities with honesty and integrity in accordance with the principles of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct.


Coach Yannick is from Cameroon, West Africa. He moved to the states in 07. He is a former division 1 basketball player from Santa Clara University class of 2015. Yannick is a winner of the college inside tournament CIT in 2011 and college basketball invitational 2013. 


In addition to his time at Santa Clara, coach Yannick also played for the Cameroonian national team in 2013. Yannick coaches with alot of passion, enthusiasm and with alot of love for the game. He is patient and dedicates time for each individual player, on the road to their growth within the game. 


Coach Yannick has been coaching youth basketball for almost 10 yrs. He started coaching while he was still in college through various basketball camps. He then joined a local program after graduating and has been coaching ever since.




In pursuit of its mission, Impact Basketball strives to:

  • Conduct all activities with the health, education, and welfare of all players as the highest priority.

  • Conduct a program that is an integral part of the community, with the players, alumni, staff and parents as active participants.

  • Conduct a program that prepares players for the expectations that they will experience once they move on to the next level, whether it is High School or College.

  • Provide a viable player development program which will guide and assist players in defining and developing their athletic and academic potential, by creating an environment through practices, workouts, meetings, team functions and games that simulates a High School and/or College environment.

  • Conduct a program that plays at the highest level of competition to challenge the players to strive for their very best.

  • Establish and adhere to standards of conduct for staff, parents and players that are consistent with the development of strong moral character, responsible behavior, and mutual respect for all parties that come into contact with our organization.


In order to realize our goals, the organization needs the parents and players to have a strong commitment to our vision.  The Coaches are very committed to every player in our program and we want to see each one succeed.



The team practices will be challenging and demanding. Practices will start on time and players must be on the floor and ready to begin by the scheduled practice time. Players are required to wear basketball attire and shoes for practice. The Coaching Staff recommends that players arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of practice to warm up, stretch, and be prepared for practice. Each scheduled will focus on team and individual conditioning, fundamentals, offense, and defense.


The Coaching Staff puts a lot of thought and time into planning the team’s practices and our time is limited so your attendance is mandatory.  When players don’t show up, the practice is compromised and we may not be able to run the drills that we planned to do.  Also time from the next practice is lost re-explaining what the absent player missed, instead of moving right into the next drill.


Obviously, there are uncontrollable events in life that come up which may force a player to miss practice. Players must notify the Coaching Staff before the scheduled practice time when you are going to miss a practice.  A player’s playing time and spot on the team may be compromised because of an unexcused absence from practice. An excused absence will include all of the following but not limited to a family emergency, an injury, or school related reason.



Playing time is at the discretion of the coaching staff and there is no amount of time per game guaranteed to any player.  Playing time is given based on a player’s performance during practices, games and the situation of each game. Questions about playing time are welcomed by the coaches but parents should not focus on why one player plays over another. Instead you should address what your son needs to do to get more playing time.  The coaches will be more than happy to discuss with both the parent and player what is required to increase their playing time.



Everyone involved with Impact Basketball, including coaches, players and parents are expected to carry themselves with class and be respectful of opposing players, coaches, parents, referees and officials.  Every time we play a game, travel to a tournament, go out to eat, or attend a team function, we are representing not only ourselves, but also the entire organization.



Players are required to arrive 20 minutes prior to game time. This is important so that the players are ready to go at tip-off. This also allows the coaches time to review the game plan with the players. Please bring water only for the players to each game. Most of the gyms we play in have a rule that only water is allowed. Players that are tardy for a game may have their playing time reduced.



Every player is required to provide the coaching staff with an e-mail address and cell number in addition to your home phone number. The number one-way of disseminating information to our teams is through e-mail and our website, www.impactbasketball.com. Please make sure to check our website and your e-mail at least once during the week but  Thursdays after 7pm is probably best to get the most up to date information. Due to the large number of players the coaches must contact it is not always possible to call each player individually.


The coaches have an open door policy for players and parents. Please do not hesitate to come to us with any questions you have.   






From time to time we will organize fundraisers to offset the cost of playing in tournaments, travel, lodging, uniforms, etc.  It is expected that everyone participate in the fundraisers. In lieu of participating in the fundraisers, a donation may be made.  All donations made to Impact Basketball are tax deductible.



  1. BE DISCIPLINED – On the court, in the classroom and at home.

  2. WORK HARD – Strive to be the best you can be in all aspects of life (School, sports and at home).

  3. HAVE FUN – Successful people enjoy what they are doing.

  4. PRACTICE – Players must attend practice every week or their playing time will be reduced. In addition you should practice individually a minimum of 3 times a week.

  5. BE EARLY - Players must be on time to practice and should arrive 20 minutes early to our scheduled game time.

  6. RESPECT - Be respectful of teammates, coaches, referees, officials, parents and our opponents.

  7. COMMUNICATE – Players should let the coaches know when possible school schedules that may conflict with our team events.



  1. BE POSITIVE – The outlook of the parents plays a very big role in how the children view their experience. Please try to be positive when discussing our activities with your child.

  2. BE ENCOURAGING – Children are more inclined to participate and have fun doing things they enjoy. Please do not force them to participate in our activities if they don’t want to.

  3. BE SUPPORTIVE – Please try to remember that basketball is a team sport, so try to focus on supporting the entire team and not just your child. That includes all of the players, coaches, and even the other parents.

  4. BE RESPECTFUL – We are trying to create a positive environment for the children and it will not work if parents don’t show respect for each other, the coaches, players, opponents and referees. Please remember that everyone is trying to do what is best for the children, so set a good example.



Talk to the coaches when you have questions. Keep the coaches informed about what is going on in your child’s life. Our program is like a family and we want to be supportive of you and your family.

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